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Note To Self: Carnivals Hate Me

I have submitted to Tangled Bank (Landis testoterone article) and Grand Rounds (hair cell regeneration), and both have snubbed me. Hmph.


  1. #1 steve
    August 18, 2006

    well if it’s any consolation – I don’t hate you.

  2. #2 JaysonB
    August 18, 2006

    Those who are behind those who are ahead always snub those who aren’t behind them.

  3. #3 John McKay
    August 18, 2006

    I was snubbed by Tangled Bank this week, too. I think we should form our own carnival and not invite them.

  4. #4 Shelley Batts
    August 18, 2006

    I guess I shouldn’t be such a sore sport. :P

    But phooey on them anyway!

  5. #5 The Neurocritic
    August 18, 2006

    Boo! Besides,

    “I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.”

    Groucho Marx

    ANYWAY… Encephalon and The Neurocritic (and Steve!) don’t hate you!

  6. #6 Shelley Batts
    August 18, 2006

    Yay Critic and Steve. :) I guess I know my place now!

  7. #7 Tara C. Smith
    August 18, 2006

    TB didn’t print mine, either. You can always start micro blogging and hit Animalcules. :)

  8. #8 The neurophilosopher
    August 20, 2006

    The same has happened to me – it’s quite upsetting! I sent what I thought was a beautiful post, about the waggle dance of the honeybee, to Circus of the Spineless, and it wasn’t included!

    Anyway, as the Neurocritic says, you’re always welcome to contribute to Encephalon; in fact, I’ve been wondering why you haven’t sent stuff more often! Why not submit something to the next edition? It’ll be at Developing Intelligence on 28th August.

  9. #9 coturnix
    August 20, 2006

    Often when people start getting a lot of e-mails with the same words in the title (e.g., “Tangled Bank”), their spam traps kick in an swallow the messages. Just contact the host and see what happened.

    When I host, I always respond by e-mail to every entry – it makes people very happy.

    I think FrinkTank did make a selection among the entries they received bit omission from the Circus of the Spineless must have been an error.

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