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  1. #1 Ahcuah
    August 26, 2006

    Hey, where’s Steven Weinberg?

  2. #2 somnilista, FCD
    August 26, 2006

    I presume you are aware of the NCSE’s Project Steve.

    NCSE’s “Project Steve” is a tongue-in-cheek parody of a long-standing creationist tradition of amassing lists of “scientists who doubt evolution” or “scientists who dissent from Darwinism.”

    I consider myself a Steve-by-proxy, since I convinced someone else to sign up for it.

    Steve Mirsky writes a humorous column for Scientific American.

  3. #3 Kim
    August 27, 2006

    Steve Steve Steve Steve
    Steve Steve Steve Steve

    To be sung to the tune of Monty Python’s “Spam” song.
    To be heard on the Project Steve website, linked above by somnilista.

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