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Yeah, I’m walking around SFN checking out posters and talks, and will likely blog about them later after a bit of a breather. But, somnilista FCD sent me this news blurb about a chocolate igloo and I had to pass it on. This totally reminded me of the chocolate Taj Mahal that Willy Wonka built!

Four Italians have constructed what they believe is the world’s first full-sized chocolate igloo but they have yet to solve an age-old problem: It still melts.

“It was a tough thing to do, much more difficult than building a normal snow igloo,” Marco Fanti, 45, who used to race cars in desert rallies, told Reuters as he stood beside the 1.65-metre-high, dome-shaped traditional Inuit shelter made of some 330 dark chocolate bricks.

Fanti and fellow instructors at a survival school took 23 hours working with tricky, crumbling chocolate material to construct what they believe to be the world’s first chocolate igloo for the Eurochocolate fair in Perugia.



  1. #1 Mustafa Mond, FCD
    October 16, 2006

    What is a “survival school” doing with 330 bricks of dark chocolate? Is chocolate effective against bioterrorism in ways I dont know about?

    Also, this is dark chocolate. It should withstand temperature better than milk chocolate.

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