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These photos from Brussels and Amsterdam are long overdue. I didn’t take too many of Amsterdam as I *thought* I lost my camera for a little while. Although, I did find it when i got home.

After finally arriving in Brussels (and after an unplanned night in Paris, and a week in Montpellier), I made my way to La Dixseptieme on Rue de Madelaine. It was a good thing that the cabbie at the train station had a GPS navigation system, as he had no idea how to get anywhere. A far cry from London cabbies, thats for sure.

Rue de Madelaine:

i-6de3bb657994a638ecc8ed37529f85f1-rue de madelaine.JPG

La Dixseptieme was a house built in the 17th century which has been renovated into a hotel. It has been preserved in all its mirrored, gilded glory and was quite an amazing sight. I watched a bit of TV (some weird gangster movie with Christopher Walken, but in French!) in a beautiful old parlor which had hand-painted murals on the walls, while the butler/waiter brought me Duvels. It was heaven! From the outside, the hotel is the brown building with the curved roof.

i-8ea8e6d96842b4126e19336c5e711680-la dixseptieme.JPG

(More pictures of Brussels, below the fold…………)

Brussels has this great “Hop-on Hop-off” bus tour which takes you to the major sights in the city, and comes back to pick/up and let people off every 30 min or so. I took one of these tours and was really impressed with the history and modernity of the city. Brussels is where the EU is headquartered, and is considered the capital of Europe. It is not hard at all the understand why this beautiful city was chosen.


i-4739650c2b9f6d02d8be4d21d1ee5470-brussels 2.JPG

i-b23fef0d76edef563534e57a7e7de82d-brussels church 3.JPG

Close to my hotel was a gorgeous old city square flanked by some of the most impressive and decadent architecture I’ve ever seen. The next three pictures are three of the flanking sides.

i-8f047e792656841f5cce302e1b5232d0-brussels city square.JPG

i-560b93dd4e9a23506da7ab2a0be1c6be-brussels city square 2.JPG

i-d9d2f2f34a228c47e0b19955ce687d4f-brussels city square 4.JPG

And the courthouse, which was being renovated.

i-84ca120773bbaccb40b35d85a276eca2-brussels courthouse.JPG

The stock exchange……

i-269b192cd9517de43f3d6a96bdfe5fe8-brussels stock exchange.JPG

A memorial to Belgium’s independence from France:

i-ef2de7d28231a36e6e7295d48c2ffee6-brussels top of city.JPG

A piece of art nouveau architecture, called the ‘Old English House’:

i-2f070748d7263065ac5f28e044a12652-old english house.JPG

While I was walking through a sculpture garden, I saw this, which reminded me of a cochlea (ok, I had a moment of nerdyness….)

i-6bf141209a5394e9fbf8a7ea0276b706-cochlea stone.JPG

A strange delicacy in Brussels is the mussels (yes, yes, I know). Of course the chocolate and waffles were amazing, and may have tried every Belgian beer on tap. A definite must-try is anything ‘frambois’ as it is raspberry-flavored beer. Sounds strange, but its delicious! Also, while I learned that Godiva IS Belgian chocolate, it is far, far inferior to less popularized Belgian chocolates. Several chocolatiers let me try a couple kinds of truffles before I decided what I liked, which was a big plus, and I finally bought chocolate mousse truffles. I don’t think they lasted the night.

On the whole, Belgium was a LOT cheaper than France (both hotels and food.) Not sure why this is, but I certainly stayed in a fabulous hotel for the same price as the mediocre one in Paris.

The train ride out of Brussels was interesting, to say the least. You might call it “Europe by Broom Closet.” The trains in Belgium are a little less organized than in France; specifically, while tickets are required, tickets will no be taken if the train is sufficiently crowded to prevent easy movement. The result is that every train is so crowded (and thereby free), that people have to stand in the aisles and in the emergency exits. Yours truly was forced to stand in the emergency exit with about 5 other people and a baby carriage, from Brussels to Amsterdam. I half expected chickens and pigs too. And we’ll just say it smelled *interesting.* But, on the bright side, if I’d had a seat I never would have met a fascinating Belgian girl who chatted me up in the broom closet. While she was getting off at her stop, a woman pushed her from behind, she whipped around and words were exchanged; the man with the ‘pushy woman’ brought up his hand as if to hit the Belgian girl! I was appalled, but nearly bust out laughing when the girl hocked up a big messy spitwad and SPIT right on the man. He was so shocked he just ran away! Take that!!


  1. #1 iGollum
    October 20, 2006

    As a native I’m very happy that you enjoyed Brussels so much! Although I must say that the last bit in the train is by no means typical… except for the overcrowding, as the Belgian public transportation system is long overdue for reorganization.
    To address your puzzlement somewhat, in France the cost of life is higher than in Belgium, but salaries are higher, so it only seems more expensive to non-French people. Something to do with levels of taxation and different social system.
    Finally, two things that I dearly hope you did not miss while visiting Brussels: Manneken Pis, and Hoegaarden white beer (preferably on tap). If you did, you’ll just have to come back. (of course you’re welcome back anytime :-))

  2. #2 Kim Boone
    October 30, 2006

    Glad you enjoyed Brussels.
    And I wholeheartedly agree with iGollum on the Hoegaarden. Delicious! Hope you tried it. All other white beers taste like pee compared to this one.

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