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Sometimes being a blogger really amazes me: the community which exists not only between ScienceBlogs, but throughout the blogging community is really nothing less that awesome. I just wanted to thank everyone who has endorsed me for the Student Blogging Scholarship, because it really just means a lot to me!

Friends of Charles Darwin
SEED Zeitgeist 11/02
Protein Wisdom
Appletree Blog
Abstract Nonsense
Terra Sigillata
Liberal Debutante
Gene Expression
A Blog Around the Clock (both me and Jenny)
Good Math, Bad Math
Effect Measure
Adventures in Ethics and Science
Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Cognitive Daily
Uncertain Principles
Mixing Memory (mentioned me with Jenny)
Dynamics of Cats
Ole Blue Heretic
Respectful Insolence

Not to mention Randolph Kruger’s email list which he so kindly let me borrow, and the help of my family and friends. Thank you all. While I don’t have the huge traffic numbers to win this thing, I feel so happy to know you have faith in me.:sniffles:


  1. #1 Chris
    November 4, 2006

    Damn those Dailykos lemmings…

    Congrats anyway, on a job well done.

  2. #2 Kian
    November 4, 2006

    No problem. 🙂 congrads on even being nominated.
    I think i should probably do an interview with you sometime. That would be cool.

  3. #3 Mustafa Mond, FCD
    November 4, 2006

    You forgot to thank G-d, from whom all things are possible.

  4. #4 Scot Simmons
    November 4, 2006

    Did God give her an endorsement, or did just His vote?

  5. #5 Lorne Ipsum
    November 5, 2006

    For what it’s worth, you get my endorsement too… Hopefully this’ll get you a couple more votes!

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