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AIDS Blogging in Botswana

I was perusing the blogs that were included in the latest edition of the International Carnival of Pozitivities when I cam across the heart-breaking blog of an AIDS worker in Botswana called Where in the World is Connor MacEachern. From his blog:

AIDS has infiltrated every facet of Botswana’s society, so much so that one of my colleagues at BONASO [the aid organization] fell victim to it in August. Some might say that if someone at BONASO, who has all the information, can still become infected, how can we expect to help? The answer, in this case, is in the question. Information can only go so far. A box of pamphlets can’t prevent a woman’s husband from cheating on her, all the workshops in the world won’t stop a rape, and a week of classes can easily be forgotten after a few drinks.

Information without action is just trivia.

The rest of the entry (which you should read) gave much reason for hope in the struggle against AIDS, as well as an interesting perspective as to why…

….the UN-created Millennium Development Goals, one of which is to eliminate HIV transmission by 2015, may ease hearts of the West, but they are a slap in the face to the people working in countries like Botswana. Putting a deadline on one the most valiant fights of our time is, at best, irrelevant.

This is a fascinating blog and deserves more readership. Go check it out!


  1. #1 Connor MacEachern
    November 14, 2006

    I just wanted to thank you for what you said about my blog. I was only recently approached by the ICP for a contribution, and I was unsure if what I wrote was what they were looking for. Apparently at least one person liked it.
    Oh, and if you’re wondering how I stumbled upon your blog, it’s definitely not because I did a Vanity Search, that’s for sure.

  2. #2 Shelley Batts
    November 14, 2006

    Of course! I hope you contribute more to ICP in the future (although I can’t help but cringe at that abbreviation ….I still have undergrad nightmares of Insane Clown Posse ::shudders::).

    Keep up the good work. Readers follow the writing and the unique perspectives, you have both!

  3. #3 Connor MacEachern
    November 15, 2006

    The abbreviation might be shudder inducing, but I just can’t bring myself to spell positivities with a z.

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