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I once had a friend who’s dog, Cuddles, *loved* beer. Cuddles would beg and whine if anyone had a cold tasty brew in the room. You can imagine how that scernio usually ended up: “Hey guys, watch what Cuddles can do!” It always seemed like a waste of good (or even bad) beer to me, but apparently a lot of people in the Netherlands don’t think so.

After a long day hunting, there’s nothing like wrapping your paw around a cold bottle of beer.

So Terrie Berenden, a pet shop owner in the southern Dutch town of Zelhem, created a beer for her Weimaraners made from beef extract and malt.

“Once a year we go to Austria to hunt with our dogs, and at the end of the day we sit on the veranda and drink a beer. So we thought, my dog also has earned it,” she said.

Berenden consigned a local brewery to make and bottle the nonalcoholic beer, branded as Kwispelbier. It was introduced to the market last week and advertised as “a beer for your best friend.”

“Kwispel” is the Dutch word for wagging a tail.

The beer is fit for human consumption, Berenden said. But at $2.14 (or 1.65 euro) a bottle, it’s about four times more expensive than a Heineken.

Now, of course this product doesn’t contain any alcohol, but in the age of pet obesity drugs, that Kwispel better come in “light.”


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