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Carnivalia and Science Badges Galore

The guys over at the World’s Fair are at it again (blasted creativity!), this time they’ve developed a new club: the Order Of The Science Scouts Of Exemplary Repute And Above Average Physique. I encourage you all to join post-haste and wallow in scientific silliness and irreverent badges for dubious accomplishments (I contributed a few badges myself to the pot). I’ll have to dig through and list my badges on my sidebar soon, when this conference is over, that is. Got an idea for a badge? Well, suggest one!

i-14ee559992045c31d18ca5e2e5ca21bb-blog badge.jpg
The “I Blog About Science” badge.

Also, the 8th edition of the International Carnival of Pozitivities, a carnival about all things AIDS related, is up at 2sides2ron. Ususally an informative and sobering read about a major scientific/social ill.

Happy Darwin Day!


  1. #1 Cameron
    February 12, 2007

    Fun… I have comp problems so no photoshop atm. If anyone likes these feel free to submit.

    The “Graduate Student Personal Finance Management Badge”: Either a broken piggy bank or a depressed stick figure displaying empty pockets

    The “I had sex on your lab bench” badge.

    The “Lab Yoga” badge, for those of us who have performed some late night yoga while waiting for experiments.

  2. #2 Ron Hudson
    February 13, 2007

    Thanks for your support of the ICP, Shelley! Mwah!


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