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Awesome Pictures of Comet McNaught

Its the brightest comet in 40 years, and is now visible to the naked eye to people in the southern hemisphere. For those of us in the northern side, we’ll just have to make do with cool pictures.

i-081a32760bf7bb8408dbefbf2b8c5adc-comet 2.jpg


  1. #1 Peter Backus
    February 25, 2007

    More great pictures of the comet are at:

  2. #2 Kristjan Wager
    February 26, 2007

    It was quite visible to the naked eye when I was in Australia last month, so I don’t get the “now visible” part.

    Quite amazing to see.

  3. #3 Ian Musgrave
    February 26, 2007

    Ah, it’s currently around magnitude 6 (just visible to the unaided eye under dark sky conditions), having faded substantially from its glory around 16-26 January.

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