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Yay for lazy Saturdays….

(Hat tip necta)


  1. #1 Dave Munger
    March 3, 2007

    That totally rocks! Unbelievable footage.

    I love the Seattle aquarium, btw. The tank they’re talking about has an underwater dome for observing all the action in the big tank. Too bad they’re not going to be able to keep octopi in that nice, giant tank.

  2. #2 PeterC
    March 3, 2007

    It’s no different for people feeding live mice to their snake. You’re just using bigger mice is all.

  3. #3 Charlie (Colorado)
    March 4, 2007

    Remember that the next time you order tako.

  4. #4 kate
    April 1, 2007

    that is insane. incredible footage.
    i’m proud to say i’m from seattle for yet another reason: brave killer octopi at the aquarium.

  5. #5 Shalini
    April 2, 2007

    PZ would love this!

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