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Water is water….unless its holy water, of course! I’m not quite sure what’s special about this gimmicky beverage, except its from Canada and might raise my eyebrows slightly more than Aquafina or Evian. I’m pretty sure this water isn’t any holier than Detroit’s finest tap water.

Uh oh, looks like THOSE holy water sellers have competition from THESE holy water sellers. In fact these guys think their water will save you from sin. (Not really, its a joke…….) When I tried to place an order, they gave me a confirmation number and said my order would be filled through omnipotence.

I wonder what God thinks? Is HE getting a cut of the water that He made in the first place? 🙂


  1. #1 Tim Murtaugh
    March 6, 2007


  2. #2 Monado
    March 6, 2007

    Actually, the cleanest water in Canada, if not the world, is in Tiny Township, Ontario. Where they are planning to run it into a garbage dump.

  3. #3 Cameron
    March 6, 2007

    Can’t say it surprises me, there are some real wackos in the water purification business. I have an uncle who belongs to a cult and runs a water purification business out of the den of his roofless shack. If he thought of this, he’d do it in a second.

    Last time I saw him he was telling me about his favorite bible passage: “It is better to cast your seed in the belly of a whore than to spill it on the ground.” Which he interprets as a divine endorsement of swallowing over spitting.

  4. #4 blf
    March 7, 2007

    Using google to search for “holy water sale” found many many examples of, ah, supposedly “holy water” supposedly for sale. This also turned up: Cancer risk of ‘fake’ holy water.

  5. #5 PeterC
    March 7, 2007

    If it were real holy water it would have to have a health warning for satanists and vampires etc and be illegal to sell to practitioners of witchcraft. I think I’ll stick to the stuff from the tap.

  6. #6 DeafScribe
    March 8, 2007

    I saw an infomercial for this stuff just a couple of days ago, purporting to heal the sick, offer redemption to sinners, etc. etc. While I don’t enjoy seeing people exploited so crassly, it’s a wonder that there are people stupid enough to buy into it.

    Ignorance I can understand, but this goes beyond ignorance. Maybe this calls for a new t-shirt – “Have you been brainwashed with Holy Water yet?”

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