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Some guy was arrested this past Wednesday for trying to smuggle pot in an Easter Bunny. The stuffed bunny wabbit was stuffed with more than plush, it was also packing 16.6 grams of weed. The owner of said bunny was pulled over after running a red light, then searched the car

because an “overwhelming” scent of marijuana was coming from the vehicle, the report says.

Dupont found the bunny on the passenger floor. Inside the bunny’s front pouch were 16 small bags of marijuana. Dupont said the marijuana appeared to be packaged for sale, the report says.

Lawrence, who is wearing a DARE T-shirt in his mug shot, was arraigned Thursday at Manchester Superior Court before Judge Raymond R. Norko.

“I love seasonal crimes,” Norko said after reading the police report.


  1. #1 J-Dog
    April 9, 2007

    Ahem… If he has a smart PD, I say the guy uses the “It’s A Miracle” defense… After changing water to wine, rising from the dead, turning plush into grass should be easy.

    And hey, doesn’t the Bunny look like the Virgin Mary?

    Alright, you’ve had the bag of Cheesy Poofs long enough, pass them over here!

  2. #2 Cameron
    April 9, 2007

    What’s the obsession with putting pot in stuffed animals? I’ve known two people that were arrested for the same thing, one happened while I was in the car. Girl kept her hash pipe hidden under the proof of insurance :/ Amateurs.

  3. #3 Shelley
    April 9, 2007

    ..turning plush to grass should be easy.

    Maybe thats why stoners hide their pot in stuffed animals….trying to catalyze the process?

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