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Nice Web Mr. CrackSpider

Perhaps the best thing I’ve ever seen. Remember when I blogged a bit about the effects of psychoactive drugs on the web-building activities of spiders? Well little did I know that the experiment was actually filmed.


  1. #1 Kevin W. Parker
    May 25, 2007

    Beautifully done – I was going along with it until the hammock bit.

  2. #2 Charlie (Colorado)
    May 25, 2007

    Words simply fail me. Golly.

  3. #3 baryogenesis
    May 26, 2007

    A friend who directed me to this several months ago recently told me that it had been withdrawn. (“Canadian Gov’t” logo?) Glad it’s still there. It’s awesome!

  4. #4 Keri Hulme
    May 26, 2007

    O, totally neat!
    Encountered this some months before, and then lost the bookmark – many thanks for re-establishing one of my web favourites! Kia ora, cheers –

  5. #5 David Bradley
    May 26, 2007

    We covered this on New Scientist when I was freelancing for them in the early 1990s, great to see live action footage though, thanks.

    Speaking of spiders…if you need molecular structures has 13 million of them all easily searchable and with a Firefox/Ie7 search addon to boot.

    Oh, by the way, I produce a chemistry blog called Spinneret for the site.


  6. #6 Crudely Wrott
    May 30, 2007

    This may represent a new danger to all humans! Insectipomorphising our world view and social values until we all become part of the hive mind! And then! . . .ooooohhhh . . .

    Thanks. Great fun!

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