Retrospectacle: A Neuroscience Blog

My time here at Retrospectacle has been glorious, magnificent, awesome! However, I have decided to end things here and start a brand-spankin’-new blog (yes, here at ScienceBlogs) with Steve Higgins from Omnibrain as a co-blogger. I’m in my final grad year and felt that having a coblogger might relieve some of my time issues, as well as reinvigorate my love of science communication here.

But, we need your help to name our new blog! We’re holding a contest to Name That Blog, with the winner receiving a slew of recent science books, a subscription to SEED, and a host of other sciency prizes. Plus my eternal love and adoration! The blog will be general wonderful science stuff with a neuroscience slant, so feel free to be creative as hell with the naming. Leave ideas in the comments here, or email them to me. Since there is a prize please be sure to let me know how to contact you in case you win. Multiple entries are fine! Thanks and good luck!


  1. #1 PalMD
    January 27, 2008

    Hmmm….”No smarter than the average parrot”

  2. #2 PalMD
    January 27, 2008

    (meaning parrots are smart, not grad students are dumb)

  3. #3 Anon
    January 27, 2008

    “The Neural Net”
    “The Brainstem”
    “The Conarium” (a nice nod to Descartes)
    “The Ghost in the Machine”
    “The Action Potential”

    “Beauty and the Beast”

  4. #4 Damien
    January 27, 2008
  5. #5 Alvaro
    January 27, 2008

    some brainstorming …


    No Brain No Hope

    The SEEDian Brain

    Seeds With a Brain


    AA Brain (so you can beat Bora’s “A Blog…” in the Blog Index)

    TOP THREE/ MOST ACTIVE (would probably get you a few extra visitors…)

  6. #6 Darek
    January 27, 2008


    Too cheesy?

  7. #7 Dan
    January 27, 2008

    Brain Pan.

  8. #8 speedwell
    January 27, 2008

    Since it’s you and a co-neuro-blogger, why not Of Two Minds?

  9. #9 chezjake
    January 27, 2008

    New name — “Some Nerve!”


  10. #10 Janne
    January 27, 2008

    “‘I Am Synaptic’ – Wherein We Partake In The Thrilling Tale of One Neuron’s Epic Struggle for Independence and Recognition As a Self in A World Gone Mad. Now With Extra Merchandise!”

  11. #11 John S. Wilkins
    January 27, 2008

    Cranial Connections

    Mens sana

  12. #12 Coturnix
    January 27, 2008

    Gotta have something spiral, what with your study of the cochlea and Steve circling down the drain….(sorry, could not help it).

  13. #13 John
    January 27, 2008


  14. #14 Kurt
    January 27, 2008

    Since someone has already suggested “Retrobrain”, how about “Omni-spectacle” (i.e., multiple viewpoints)?

    A nod to your research: “The Auracle”. Actually, “The Oracle” would make a nice, if maybe pretentious, blog name too.

    A nod to Steve: “The Cocklea”. (No, I don’t know why I suggested that. It just sounded funny in my head.)

    Or, for just a touch of the absurd: “I’m Not Sandra”.

  15. #15 Tyler DiPietro
    January 27, 2008

    How about “Oh, Synapse!”?

  16. #16 Kurt
    January 27, 2008

    Following Bora’s suggestion, how about “The Viral Spiral”? Or maybe just “Spirality”?

  17. #17 J-Dog
    January 27, 2008

    I submit: Shelley & Steve Do Science
    The Parrot & Pirate Speak

    BUT, the name’s not important, keeping you blogging, so I can keep reading about stuff I know nothing about, is the important thing!

  18. #18 John Schmitty
    January 27, 2008

    How about Head Trips?

  19. #19 andy
    January 27, 2008

    Maybe since it’s the two of you joining forces, something with “pons” or some variation of “pons Varolii” ?

  20. #20 Coturnix
    January 27, 2008

    How do you say “two-headed monster” in Latin?

  21. #21 Gar Gar
    January 27, 2008

    How about Once A Pons A Time?

  22. #22 JYB
    January 27, 2008

    Brodmann Area 42

    An auditory processing part of the brain and it includes the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

    Plus it sounds like a rock band from the 80’s

  23. #23 jamie
    January 27, 2008

    How about Newron or Homunculus?

  24. #24 Brian X
    January 28, 2008

    May I suggest The Wetware Papers?

  25. #25 John McKay
    January 28, 2008

    Isn’t the obvious name “Bird Brains”?

  26. #26 asdf
    January 28, 2008

    what about “neuroblog”?


  27. #27 Ian Findlay
    January 28, 2008

    Good Vibrations.

  28. #28 Larry Ayers
    January 28, 2008

    I like speedwell’s “Of Two Minds” — just ambiguous enough to be intriguing.

  29. #29 Heathen Dan
    January 28, 2008

    Two blog titles I have thought of using:

    Misfiring Synapses
    Mental Riotings (c/o Charles Darwin)

    You can have them. πŸ˜€

  30. #30 The Flying Trilobite
    January 28, 2008


    Going Out of Our Heads – almost the same as a nifty Fatboy Slim song.
    Up the Brainstem

    I really like Speedwell’s Of Two Minds as well, but of course, if you eventually invite a third it becomes a little irrelevant.

  31. #31 tomh
    January 28, 2008

    The Brain Bank? Picking my Brain? Two Hemispheres?

    Or, inspired by Young Frankenstein, “After 5pm, leave Brain under door”, or “Abbie Normal”. If you’ve seen the film, you get the gag.

  32. #32 Italo M. R. Guedes
    January 28, 2008

    What about something like “Brainhacking”, or perhaps only “Brain” or, even better “Cerebrus”. It could also be “Nervous Brain”, or “Over the Spine”, you name it.

  33. #33 Jonathan
    January 28, 2008


  34. #34 kraant
    January 28, 2008


  35. #35 Sam Wise
    January 28, 2008

    Neurotoxic (for the goths!)
    Livin’ la Vida Limbic (Paul MacLean meets Ricky Martin)

    It’s a pity that “Corpus Callosum” is already taken, it’d be really appropriate here…

  36. #36 HD
    January 28, 2008


  37. #37 kevin
    January 28, 2008

    I don’t have a suggestion right now. I just wanted to wish you well on your new endeavor. I have enjoyed this one.

  38. #38 bob koepp
    January 28, 2008

    I think speedwell nailed it with Of Two Minds.

  39. #39 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    Nervous Breakdown

  40. #40 FutureMD
    January 28, 2008

    Nucleus Solitarius

  41. #41 BMatthews
    January 28, 2008

    An ex-Parrot (a little MP never hurt anyone)

  42. #42 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    Frontal Cortex and Corpus Callossum are already taken. How about
    Hippo Campus
    Nervous Tic
    The Unbearable Being of Lightness
    Organ of Corti

  43. #43 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008
  44. #44 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    Neural Breakdown

  45. #45 Suze
    January 28, 2008

    Thy Name is Lesion?

  46. #46 bob kamper
    January 28, 2008

    blooming cheek of life

    I found out about your contest from PZ at Pharyngula. He had a paragraph from Frankenstein, which included the above phrase, which his steel trap of a mind seems to have missed.

    hmmm…. how about some variation of biped and brain? Old definition of human as featherless biped and all…or other cochlear and cerebral combinations

    Hairy Biped
    Bipeds ‘n Brains
    Bipeds with Brains
    Hairy Brains
    Hearing Brains
    Hidden Organs
    The Auditory Mind
    Listening and Learning
    A Bird In the Mind
    Brains ‘n Your Ears

    be sure to spam your new blog url

  47. #47 EyeNoU
    January 28, 2008

    Nerve-ish Breakdown

  48. #48 Moses
    January 28, 2008

    “Gray’s Neurotic Brain”

    You bring in your African Gray parrot (gray, neurotic) and Omnibrain (brain). Or you could pretend your bird isn’t neurotic (ha!) and just go with:

    “Gray’s Brain”

  49. #49 Sarcastro
    January 28, 2008

    “The Origin Of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Blog”

    And don’t bitch about the length, it worked for Jaynes.

  50. #50 Moses
    January 28, 2008


    Oh. And on the extremely unlikely chance I win, follow the link and post anywhere.

  51. #51 EyeNoU
    January 28, 2008

    A Hair Brained Scheme

  52. #52 locksmyth
    January 28, 2008

    How about:
    “The Ghost is the Machine.”

  53. #53 H. Humbert
    January 28, 2008

    Better than One

  54. #54 speedwell
    January 28, 2008

    OK, here’s another one: Good Thinking

  55. #55 Barn Owl
    January 28, 2008

    Nucleus Ambloguus
    Emblogiform Nucleus
    Viva Las Vagus
    Lateral Lemdiscuss
    Pyramidal Discussation
    Scala Media
    Articulate Fasciculus

    Sorry, some of those are terrible neuropuns. πŸ˜‰

  56. #56 Ken Mareld
    January 28, 2008

    Neuralis Circulus

  57. #57 mike
    January 28, 2008

    Jell-O Don’t Think
    Corpus Colusom (spelling?)

  58. #58 Anonymoustache
    January 28, 2008

    In the spirit that you will collaborate yet retain individuality:

    Syncytial Potential

  59. #59 BadAunt
    January 28, 2008

    Grey Matter Matters?

  60. #60 SpotWeld
    January 28, 2008

    Hybrid Vigor

  61. #61 Gingerbaker
    January 28, 2008

    If Life has taught me anything, it is that when one is feeling a bit at sea, a little perplexed, the best course of action is to ask oneself the question “Ah, but would it make a good band name?”

    So, I immediately went to my ancient list of proposed band names and came up with some possibilities for you which are not nearly as juvenile as most on the list ( I happen to believe that the very best name for a cover band is “Tune Pang”… Sigh. ) and which might be appropriate:

    1) The Nervous Accomplice ( an old Perry Mason episode)

    2) Pavlov’s Cat

    3) Fan Mail from a Flounder (from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show)

    4) Rinse Thoroughly

    5) Dubious Nucleus

    The list goes downhill from here. Pretty rapidly, I’m afraid. πŸ™‚

  62. #62 jope
    January 28, 2008

    Bird’s Eye View!

    It’s a tad corny, but it does incorporate aspects from both of your respective sets of interests and/or study. It also has a high-level connotation, vaguely along the same lines as the names of your individual blogs.

  63. #63 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    With the whole Frankenstein/Shelley thing and the rebirth theme, I like the name “Re-Animated.”

  64. #64 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    Of all the nerve

  65. #65 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    Nervous Chord

  66. #66 Helioprogenus
    January 28, 2008

    How about a nod to Douglas Adams?

    Maybe call it pan-galactic gargle blaster
    or simply fourtytwo
    or Plural zone
    or even Magrathea

  67. #67 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    Dura Matters
    Shelly and Steve’s Excellent Adventure

  68. #68 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    To Kill A Mocking Bird

  69. #69 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    A Blog Too Far
    Blog on the River Kwai

  70. #70 Jake
    January 28, 2008

    They’re Slinky and the Brain (Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!)
    You can decide on who is who πŸ™‚

  71. #71 AaronRowe
    January 28, 2008

    I really like Luciferase Dreams

  72. #72 Charlie (Colorado)
    January 28, 2008

    Corpus Callosum

    (PS, Shelley, I’m finally posting regularly on my blog, linked at URL.)

  73. #73 Ced
    January 28, 2008


  74. #74 todd.
    January 28, 2008

    Lead Astray

    (“The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray,” Wilde.)

  75. #75 mr_subjunctive
    January 28, 2008

    Cooking for Zombies

  76. #76 Peter C Scott
    January 28, 2008

    How about an anagram or neuroscience

    “Our Nice Scene”

  77. #77 mr_subjunctive
    January 28, 2008

    Another Word for Horse (deriv.: “Babydoll,” Laurie Anderson)

  78. #78 Opiwan
    January 28, 2008

    Didn’t look through the other comments, but “Gray Matters” and “Neuronapalooza” immediately come to mind.

  79. #79 Strider
    January 28, 2008

    How about Neurwegian Blue? It’s a combination of Norwegian Blue (the dead parrot from Monty Python’s “Parrot Sketch”) with Neuro-
    Get it? Eh?
    *crickets chirping*

  80. #80 Angelo
    January 28, 2008

    Sorry dont have the time to read through and make sure no one else said it, but how about

    or for that matter

  81. #81 Tritc
    January 28, 2008

    ‘Of Two Minds’ is great.
    What about:

    Chimeric Mind?
    Gemini Mind?
    Siamese Dreams?

    Best of luck with the new blog, Shelley. I’ll be there!

  82. #82 Chris
    January 28, 2008

    You mentioned science communication, and one name came into mind immediately. How about a tip-of-the-hat to him?


  83. #83 werewolf
    January 28, 2008

    May I suggest “But Not For Love”, a quote from As You Like It. If you remember, the full quote is: “Men have died and worms have eaten them, but not for love.”

    Seems apt, somehow.

  84. #84 The Neurocritic
    January 28, 2008

    How about Bad Bad Brain? Then you’d have a blog theme song.

    Since there’s two of you, the plural might be OK as well — Bad, Bad Brains.

  85. #85 Peter
    January 28, 2008

    How about: “The Plexus”?

  86. #86 Dave Godfrey
    January 28, 2008

    Synapses for two.
    Mind-Body Duality
    Parroting Science

    or just “Braaaiiinns. Nom. Nom. Nom.”

  87. #87 Sigmund
    January 28, 2008

    Headonism Two?

  88. #88 Gunnar
    January 28, 2008

    (if you need an explanation it’s not the one πŸ˜‰

  89. #89 Alec T
    January 28, 2008

    Bloggin About the Noggin

  90. #90 Chris
    January 28, 2008

    Just thought of another one: “Medulla oBlogata”

  91. #91 Carl Buell
    January 28, 2008

    I think you ought to go with the old comedy duo sound!

    “Batts and Higgens! 2 Brains are better than 1!” And I do a caricature of both of you in parrot feathers for the header.

  92. #92 Shelley Batts
    January 28, 2008

    Oh Carl, would you?! πŸ˜€ I love that!

  93. #93 John P. Baumlin
    January 28, 2008

    How about “Gray Matters”, (which I think you used as a sub-header for parrot-related posts)?

  94. #94 bill
    January 28, 2008

    Pavlov’s Parrot? Brains of a Feather?

    Actually, my vote, if I had one, would go to Viva Las Vagus. That’s so bad it’s good.

  95. #95 Mercurious
    January 28, 2008

    The comments from Pharyngula are running with Frankenstein versions. I just have to put mine in here too.

    Abby Normal.

  96. #96 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    Never Mind

  97. #97 386sx
    January 28, 2008

    How about “Anastomosing”. But if I win give all the free stuff to the current site manager for Pharyngula because that person thought of it!! (Whoever the current site manager person is who is running their blog at the moment. I forget.)

  98. #98 Freiddie
    January 28, 2008

    Here’s what I think:

    Dura Matters
    Frontospectacle/Frontospecs (as opposed to Retro-)
    Retromnispectacle Brain (just kidding)

    Which one is least likely?

  99. #99 Ed
    January 28, 2008

    Well, I guess I just can’t resist. My initial entry is

    Batts Brain

  100. #100 Sonja
    January 28, 2008

    Glial Club

  101. #101 Barn Owl
    January 28, 2008

    *cue Elvis Presley*

    Bright internetz gonna set my brain
    Gonna set my brain on fire
    Got a whole lot of bloggin’ that’s ready to post
    So get those comments up higher
    There’s a thousand nociceptors firin’ somewhere
    And I’m just the nerve to get the message up there
    Viva Las Vagus
    Viva Las Vagus

  102. #102 Kevin L.
    January 28, 2008

    If you want some bad ideas, look no further.

    In reference to the famous anti-drug commercial, “The Frying Pan” (huge non sequitir, I know).

    Also “Eggheads” or “Eggiweggs” (with an irreverent Clockwork Orange reference to boot with that last one).

    Give me time. I’ll have more.

  103. #103 Sandra Kiume
    January 28, 2008

    I kinda like Kurt’s suggestion of “I’m Not Sandra” but hey, you can rename yourself Sandra if you want to. Although, in my experience I had to point out to plenty of readers who skimmed past the bylines that I’m Not Steve. πŸ™‚


  104. #104 steve
    January 28, 2008

    how about “fox and owl” – The fox is always looking for new ideas and the owl is always processing them.

  105. #105 cory
    January 28, 2008

    “BWAAAAAAINS!” (with proper zombie intonation.

  106. #106 John P. Baumlin
    January 28, 2008

    On second thought, “Grey Matters”, grey with an “e”. I do like that spelling of grey better.

  107. #107 greensmile
    January 28, 2008

    “Sport of Nature”…it will send a few people to the thesaurus but thats not a bad thing.

  108. #108 Tatarize
    January 28, 2008

    Corpora callosa – (plural of corpus callosum) the nerve fibers joining the two hemispheres of the brain.

    Tar and Feathers.
    Names suck.

  109. #109 Tlazolteotl
    January 28, 2008

    ‘Retrospectacle’ being the name of Thomas Dolby’s greatest hits album, you could go with the title of a song, or another album:

    Aliens Ate My Buick!
    The Flat Earth
    I Scare Myself

    You get the idea (and no, I’m not going to post that other title, you know which one).

  110. #110 fersch
    January 28, 2008

    intellivores united
    intellivore nation
    intellivore universe
    the intellivore tribe

  111. #111 Marilyn Terrell
    January 28, 2008

    There are so many clever ones! Here’s my suggestion: Brainiacs.

  112. #112 danley
    January 28, 2008

    “The Macrobionic Bird”

  113. #113 danley
    January 28, 2008


  114. #114 danley
    January 28, 2008

    “The Gelatinous Parrot”

  115. #115 speedwell
    January 29, 2008

    The anagram generator, when fed the string “retrospectacleomnibrain”, comes up with this great one:

    Parrot Sentience Micro Lab

  116. #116 speedwell
    January 29, 2008

    I suppose that if you added additional bloggers, by the way, you could change Of Two Minds to The Mind Set.

  117. #117 Kevin L.
    January 29, 2008

    “A Tale of Two Brains”

  118. #118 Kevin L.
    January 29, 2008

    “Isn’t it neuronic (don’t you think)?”

  119. #119 Kevin L.
    January 29, 2008

    “Brain Overlords”
    “Brains in Space”

  120. #120 hungry
    January 29, 2008

    “Joined at the Head”

  121. #121 mary
    January 29, 2008

    Just A Neuron Away
    Vagal Connection
    After reading all the above suggestions, Viva Las Vegas sounds the best to me. Have fun finding your new name!

  122. #122 October Mermaid
    January 29, 2008

    It’s similar to what’s already been said, but “The Blog With Two Brains!” (starring Steve Martin?)

    Or maybe “Jive Mind”, with a little funky, dancing brain for a mascot? Too Silly? Ok.

    How about “This American Lobe?” NPR might pick it up.

    Maybe “Of Minds and Men?” Maybe not.

    “Neuro Imagining”

    “Fired Neurons”

    Well, that’s all I could think of. Hope they aren’t TOO terrible, if nothing else.

  123. #123 Dior
    January 29, 2008

    I’ve been saving band names for a reason like this. (My favorite is Hookers in Burkhas) but my next fave could work for your blogs: FMBOI-fetal monkey brains on ice- a project I worked on long ago.

  124. #124 Kevin L.
    January 29, 2008

    “The Brains that Wouldn’t Die”

  125. #125 Kevin L.
    January 29, 2008

    “Yorick’s Skull” or “Yorick’s Brain”

  126. #126 Kevin L.
    January 29, 2008

    “A Stroke of Genius”

    …Okay, that one’s probably wrong in many ways (though not the “genius” part)…

  127. #127 EyeNoU
    January 29, 2008

    Batts & Balls

  128. #128 Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD
    January 29, 2008

    Action Pluripotential

  129. #129 Kevin L.
    January 29, 2008

    Inspired by Rebecca Watson: “Thinky Meats”

  130. #130 Barn Owl
    January 29, 2008

    Wulst Neuroblog Evah!

  131. #131 Kevin L.
    January 29, 2008

    Going for a cartoon reference: “Pinky and The Brain,” or some variation thereof, perhaps “Thinky and The Brain”

  132. #132 Sunshine Lemme
    January 29, 2008


  133. #133 Kevin L.
    January 29, 2008

    I’ve got it: “Brainspawn.” As it is, ScienceBlogs is direly lacking Futurama references.

  134. #134 Abby Normal
    January 29, 2008

    I’d just like to voice my support for Mercurious’ sugestion, Abby Normal. Alternatively, Abby Normal Brain. Of course I may be biased.

    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Igor, would you mind telling me whose brain I did put in?
    Igor: And you won’t be angry?
    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: I will NOT be angry.
    Igor: Abby someone.
    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Abby someone. Abby who?
    Igor: Abby Normal.
    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Abby Normal?
    Igor: I’m almost sure that was the name.
    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain into a seven and a half foot long, fifty-four inch wide GORILLA?
    [shakes and grabs him]
    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE TELLING ME?


  135. #135 Rachel
    January 30, 2008

    Sci Matters.

  136. #136 Chris Glen
    January 30, 2008

    Damn, just came up with these before checking previous posts… thought I was so clever and original! Ah well, guess these get my vote for what its worth – here’s what I had written:

    1. Corpus callosum
    …as it will be a link between two halves of the newly formed whole, co-ordinating information

    another alternative:

    2. Hybrid vigour
    …reflecting that you’re combining the strengths of two lineages

  137. #137 undergrad mind
    January 31, 2008


    …or some variation of the sort. From an evolutionary perspective, the development of the hemispheres was very significant. The distinction of the two allowed for many important functions. (Or something like that, I’m no expert but I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying…)

  138. #138 brandon
    January 31, 2008

    bwain blahg
    bwain has flavah
    i r in ur bwain

  139. #139 Will
    January 31, 2008

    or any icanhas* combo thereof

  140. #140 Aaron
    January 31, 2008

    Thought-Mόnchen (with spelling variations possible)

    In honor of our botfly friend. πŸ™‚

    Apart from that, perhaps:


    (…or Neuroskeptic, to give a slightly negative twist)

  141. #141 Doc
    January 31, 2008

    neural news
    fasciculata non grata
    telencephalic tales
    neural groove
    mind and other matters
    three pounds of thought
    frontal lobotomy
    megalencephalic minds
    synaptic cleft
    reflex arc

  142. #142 steppen wolf
    January 31, 2008

    Hey Shelley,

    good luck with the new blog! I have a suggestion – I left it under your newest post about the contest, but I am re-posting it here as I see most people left their comments on this post.
    My suggestion is:


    This is a cross between cerebration and marathon – as both of you guys are PhD students, I think I do not need to explain anything about why I chose “marathon”!

  143. #143 Doc
    January 31, 2008

    Or how about-
    fragrant mind- ala BNL
    altered consciousness
    lucid lemniscus
    receptive aphasia-not sayin’ you can’t comuunicate. it
    could be an inside joke.
    dendritic critics- ouch thats bad
    myelinated madness
    hypnogogic hallucinations
    synaptic storm
    I better just quit while I’m ahead. πŸ˜€

  144. #144 Kevin L.
    January 31, 2008

    Ready for a bad one? This is going to hurt.

    Inspired by your latest post: “Brain Brain Brain”

    Or – I might kick myself for suggesting this – “McBrainersons”

  145. #145 Hank Roberts
    January 31, 2008

    Thread peaked at:

    Batts and Higgens!
    as illustrated by Carl Buell

    You can’t not.

    Heck, you could title it * with a Carl Buell banner.

  146. #146 Hank Roberts
    January 31, 2008

    Or Higgins!
    Just the banner!

  147. #147 Karen
    February 1, 2008


  148. #148 elmlish
    February 1, 2008

    Quivering Gray
    Burning Feathers
    The Blog with Two Brains
    Brainity and Combs
    The Braininators
    Trepanation Monthly
    and… I’ll stop now.

    btw, Thanks for the excellent postings so far. I look forward to the new double double blog blog.

  149. #149 jvarisco
    February 1, 2008

    Neural Transmissions
    Neural Nerds
    Little Gray Cells
    Swarm Intelligence

  150. #150 Brian
    February 2, 2008

    you could name it OmniBrian, I’d be so honored.

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