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Oh. my. goodness. This ode to the PCR (“When you need to find out who’s your daddy”) is just about the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. Kudos BioRad, I salute you! (Hat tip John PIBS)

Who ever said that conducting public psychology experiments required pants? Thats right. None. (Hat tip Lisa)

Alvaro at SharpBrains has a new newsletter out, summarizing brain fitness in the news and other neurosciency links.

Wanna write for the Darwin Awards? There’s a call for good science writing here. (Hat tip Charlie)

This blog is way too good for Livejournal (scoff scoff). Check out the Fengi Newsletter. Is it a bad sign that I thought it had to do with Star Trek at first? (Hat tip Chris, who is going to wow us with his new music blog very soon).

There’s a great new parrot conservation website I recently found, I was particular happy to see them taking up the cause of smuggled African Grey parrots. Visit them! Donate! Make birds (and Pepper) happy!

Speaking of Pepper, he saw this birdy hot tub that Charlie sent me, and I haven’t heard the end of it. He thinks it would be great for entertaining the ‘ladies.’ I keep telling him he’s the only African Grey in Michigan….

In the epic battle of beard vs. mustache, which would win? Post-traumatic shaving syndrome ensues. Think badgerbadgerbadger but slightly less melodic and a lot more facial hair.


  1. #1 Tlazolteotl
    February 5, 2008

    The World Parrot Trust is one of the best conservation groups where parrots are concerned. You might also be intrigued by the website of Al Wabra, a captive breeding facility run by one of the ruling family of Qatar. He seems to have hired a lot of expertise and is having some success with Spix’s macaws that he bought off of other private collectors. In any case, the Spix’s shown on the website are the best looking I’ve ever seen – in most pictures you see of them they look pretty drab and run down, but these look pretty magnificent.

  2. #2 Russell Jarres
    April 13, 2009

    If you liked the PCR salute then this boyband style ad from eppendorf will have you in tears! “Girl, its time to automate.”

  3. #3 i doser hand of god
    November 22, 2011

    Nice Post! To save a wild animal such a good thing. because it’s also a human being

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