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‘Sharp Brains’ Does Grand Rounds

In my grief over the result of the Michigan primary, I almost forgot to post a link to the current edition of the medical-blogging carnival ‘Grand Rounds’ which is over at Sharp Brains now. The appropriate theme is ‘Briefing the Next US President,’ with some choice blogposts included that would provide a nice education to…

Carnivalia and Science Badges Galore

The guys over at the World’s Fair are at it again (blasted creativity!), this time they’ve developed a new club: the Order Of The Science Scouts Of Exemplary Repute And Above Average Physique. I encourage you all to join post-haste and wallow in scientific silliness and irreverent badges for dubious accomplishments (I contributed a few…

The 5th International Carnival of Positivities, a carnival about HIV and AIDS founded by Ron Hudson, is up over at A Blog Around the Clock. Quite a few ScienceBloggers, myself included, contributed. Check it out!

Just a reminder to submit some neuroscience-related blog posts to the carnival Encephalon! Its a round-up of recent brain-blogging and is usually very high-quality stuff. It is currently being hosted over at OmniBrain, and submission guidelines can be found here. Submit before the 25th for consideration. All the cool kids are doing it.

Encephalon: 6th Edition

Welcome to the sixth edition of the neuroscience carnival, Encephelon! From the Neurophilosopher’s Blog comes a fascinating video lecture by Dr. Martin Sereno, a cognitive scientist at UCSD, on why humans possess so much more cognitive power than other animals despite the close similarities in neuroarchitechture. The Neurophilosopher also reports on imaging studies which reveal…

The Encephalon– Reminder to Submit!

Remember to submit your neuroscience-related blog posts to me by 9pm Sept 10th for the next edition of The Encephalon. More info on guidelines and how to submit, here.

Submit your neuro-bloggy treats to me ( by Sept 10th (9pm) for the next issue of the brain-based carnival Encephalon. Submission guidelines can be found here. Check out past issue of the Encephalon: 3rd July, 2006 – The Neurophilosopher’s blog 17th July, 2006 – Pure Pedantry 31st July, 2006 – Thinking Meat 14th August, 2006…

The Synapse Issue #5

Welcome to the 5th edition of The Synapse, ScienceBlog’s home-grown carnival on all things Neuro! Glad to see this carnival, much like a precocious child or bad hair day, is growing up and gaining a life of its own. Thanks to all that submitted, we’ve got a smorgasbord of neural delights for your reading pleasure.…

Note To Self: Carnivals Hate Me

I have submitted to Tangled Bank (Landis testoterone article) and Grand Rounds (hair cell regeneration), and both have snubbed me. Hmph.