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Pity a Panda, Give it a Limb

I think I’ve just uncovered the saddest thing in the world: a panda who’s lost a limb and now has problems socializing. Cruel, cruel discriminative pandas. Why won’t you let Niu Niu in on your panda games? Admittedly, the loss of 2/3 of her limb (in a fight) has resulted in balance problems that might…

Go Play Name That Panda Cub

More on bears today: go vote for the name of the newest member of the Atlanta Zoo, a panda cub. I wonder if its part of China’s policy that all the baby pandas have to be named Chinese names. Cause I haven’t ever heard of a panda named Fred or Joe. And speaking of China,…

Drunk Man Bites Panda, Tussle Ensues

What happens when a Chinese man drinks 4 jugs of grog and decides to jump into a panda pen at the Beijng Zoo? Well, a tussle of course, and I’ll let you read who got the worst of it. The Beijing Youth Daily quoted Zhang as saying that he had seen pandas on television and…

Happy 1st Birthday Tai Shan!!!

The adorable panda cub Tai Shan turned 1 year old this weekend. Happy Birthday!!!