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Yes, indeed today is the 40th anniversary of the first Star Trek airing. And, how do Shatner and Nimoy feel about the franchaise, 40 years later? If you ask them what still gets them fired up about the late producer Gene Roddenberry’s creation after all these years, you get an answer that — underneath the…

I saw this link over at The Island of Doubt, and it certainly deserves a repost due to my Captain Kirk obsession.

William Shatner Vs. Buzz Aldrin

Courtesy of SEED’s Daily Zeitgeist comes the newest addition to the People I’d Like To See Fight William Shatner (Stephen Hawking was recently added.). Yes, none other than the original Man In Space himself, Buzz Aldrin. Just cause he’s been on the Moon doesn’t mean he won’t use gravity to its fullest potential to pound…