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NeuroPod Podcast from Nature: SfN 2007

Didn’t go to the Society for Neuroscience conference, but still want to know what happened (and in an English accent, no less)? Then check out this new NeuroPod podcast from Nature, where Kerri Smith talks about the highlights from SFN. “Find out what computers can do for brains, find two ways to zoom in on…

There’s a nifty little radio show broadcast out of Canada called ‘IAmAScientist‘ which focuses on [wait for it] the lives of scientists. The most recent show, cataloged via podcast courtesy of the friendly yet mysterious host, chats up Retrospectacle’s favorite birdly scientist, Dr. Irene Pepperberg herself. Check it out here. I also just noticed that…

Wanna know the deep dark history of creationism, the intelligent design movement, and the Dover trial? Well Ed Brayton who blogs at Dispatches From the Culture Wars gave a talk a few weeks back at the Freethought Association in Grand Rapids, MI. Check it out here.

Check out the latest “I Am A Scientist” podcasts, which every week interviews a scientist about their research topic. Last week, I was a guest, and this week’s guest is Jane Lawrence. She discusses two types of imaging techniques: real-time fMRI and fMRI of the spinal cord. Check it out!