Revolutionary Minds Think Tank

Our Rev Minds have told us how they think the lens of science can help to solve global problems. But a single lens may not always provide the best perspective, and often it is the combination of lenses that lends clarity to what we seek. With that in mind, we posed to the Revolutionary Minds a second question:

Cross-disciplinary work has sparked provocative new technologies, solutions, and insights. What problems do you see as ripe for cross-disciplinary research, and which fields would you choose to combine?

Look for their answers to be landing here soon.


  1. #1 Emmanuel J. Karavousanos
    November 30, 2009

    For some 40 years I’ve been engaged in independent studies in the realm of consciousness. I submit there is a science and religion nexus just as surely as an insight is the nexus when a question becomes an answer. I am reaching out to those organizations that care about our planet, our children and our children’s children. At age 77 my interest is no longer on money or fame. If your organization has an active, dedicated professional interest in consciousness it is certain a breakthrough in the field would be of great interest. The basis is in Whitehead, Hegel, Huxley, Shaw, Heraclitus and indeed, others who discuss the analysis of familiar, obvious and known things, and things we take for granted.

    Emmanuel Karavousanos
    Author and Speaker

  2. #2 sikiş izle
    December 2, 2009

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