Has the head of the Catholic Church been meddling in your politics? Perhaps you’d like to be the one pulling his strings? Live out your God fantasies with your own Pope Benedict XVI puppet, courtesy of artist Rob Nance.



  1. #1 Phillip IV
    April 18, 2009

    Not bad, I like the impressive range of accessories. On the whole, however, I prefer the 3-dimensional version: (The download link is the one marked “ZIP, 421kb”)

    (I built one of those for a Catholic relative, who found it cute – apparently did not pick up on the subtle anti-clerical bend.)

  2. #2 Jim
    April 18, 2009

    I still like the idea of Pope on a Rope, only, they attached the rope at the wrong position.

    Of course, they never get things right. I feel that the Homer Simpson Soap on a Rope should actually be called “Dope on a Rope”.

    Hmm, maybe I should go work in marketing. I’ll go see if the See has any jobs going 😉