9, a new animated feature produced by Tim Burton and directed by Shane Acker, comes out in September (09/09/09, naturally). Details are sketchy, but it’s safe to say in the world of 9, something has gone horribly wrong, the world has been destroyed, and the only survivors are some cute little sack people and an army of murderous machines. One can’t help but think that a few squiddies from the Matrix somehow tunnelled into Little Big Planet.

Anyway, it tickles my fancy, if only because it checks the requisite boxes of “post apocalyptic dystopia” and “technopunk machinery”. Which is good, because some of the people behind the film have been nice enough to send me these ludicrously high res images of the Fabricator, a factory robot with misfiring synapses that has been building the war machines. Click on the pictures below for full size images – they really are massive.

Here’s the beast!


The above image is a down scaled crop from this texture plan:


Underneath the texturing are the bones of the machine, as lovingly illustrated in this artwork:


This is just a detail from the above graphic, and yet it’s big enough that I could make it into a desktop wallpaper, just for you:


I’ve also been given an exclusive piece of artwork showing 3 and 4, two of the small “stitch punks” at the centre of the film’s plot. The PR bumf says:

Communicating visually, not verbally, 3 and 4 are the scholarly twins who voraciously catalogue everything they can see and find, recording and building a massive database for the group of the world that surrounds them and the history that led up to their creation.

To which producer Tim Burton adds:

“3 and 4 go back to the original experience of non-speaking characters. I think it works for them, it makes them different from the others, and I can relate to those characters because I didn’t speak when I was a child either.”

Err, okay Tim. Anyway, click on the below image to see the full artwork. It will be available as a collectible card, my sources tell me that San Diego’s Comic-Con 09 would be a good place to start looking for them, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Stay tuned – if you like these images I’m sure I’ll be able to get you some more.


  1. #1 dreikin
    June 25, 2009

    Aw – the second image link 404’s..

  2. #2 Frank the SciencePunk
    June 25, 2009

    D’oh – should work now.

  3. #3 Kolya
    June 27, 2009

    I LOVE these images, thanks so much for sharing them!!

  4. #4 Luna_the_cat
    June 30, 2009

    My sweet apple-coloured GOD do I love these images….