Science Party!

What better way for a bunch of science geeks to celebrate a birthday than by having a science party? We spent a lot of time making delicious science-themed snacks, and I have to say, they came out pretty good!

i-0442f269c23d82fb6fab5f6b54c8fd66-SPSciparty (6)-thumb-450x337-64481.jpg

Bacterial jello plates. They looked a bit too relastic, the cell biologists wouldn’t touch them.

i-fb82676d9061bddc77871c629fad3429-SPSciparty (7)-thumb-450x337-64484.jpg

More plates, this time made with rice pudding. Tastier than jello, but less popular due to looks.

i-3709cb9e157c64293e93926117c8ce33-SPSciparty (1)-thumb-450x337-64466.jpg

DIY electrophoresis jello. The red dye didn’t migrate, but the yellow colouring of the jello did!

i-2d307d7c84bfa1ab5b21b1e681e49819-SPSciparty (2)-thumb-350x350-64469.jpg

Obligatory placebo gag.

i-b14d326fabe0e6032feb11488454b9fb-SPSciparty (3)-thumb-450x337-64472.jpg

The text reads sample:alcohol 1:2. It didn’t lie.

i-25607db317f23ad2a2c0d343fe70e3a8-SPSciparty (4)-thumb-450x337-64475.jpg

Señor Calavera gets a spicy meat body and Tabasco blood. He was eventually torn limb from limb.

i-85061e4bf0a3d8d9272b596d50087a84-SPSciparty (5)-thumb-450x337-64478.jpg

Gingernut cookies with amino acid icing. Arrange into your favourite protein!

i-e542ab0ba38457774620f5b5d4a7aafc-SPSciparty (8)-thumb-450x337-64487.jpg

Histology preparations, aka white chocolate mice in flavoured gelatin.

i-82f9196d80aa3a701067b3e445535235-SPSciparty (9)-thumb-450x337-64490.jpg

The cell cake! Originally intended to be a spherical cake with organelles inside, but time and equipment did not permit.

i-2cad937a705ef4eb3576ad54ced1df48-SPSciparty (10)-thumb-450x337-64493.jpg

Hand pipetted vodka. You need a dozen to make a shot.

I’ll post more details on how we made the jello plates and the electrophoresis straws later in the week.


  1. #1 G Wiz
    May 3, 2011

    Can’t wait too see the details.

  2. #2 Alicia
    May 3, 2011

    And you can add these blood smear edible glass slides too!

  3. #3 alice
    May 3, 2011

    Señor Calavera is seriously freaky. Good work 🙂

  4. #4 Jim
    May 6, 2011

    After finishing eating the finger foods, you could have washed your hands with these:

    I ordered a few for my lab, but strangely my lab mates won’t use them. I also used one to improve the smell in the 37 degree incubator – not that anyone spotted that it was soap for about a week.

  5. #5 Marilyn Evans
    June 8, 2011

    Knew a guy who had a party with the hot cheese dip stirring on a heated stir plate and the Bloody Marys dispensed from a bag that looked a little too much like the real thing. Too fun.

  6. #6 Frank the SciencePunk
    June 8, 2011

    @ Marilyn I was hoping to go down the blood bag alley, but it was all cell scientists at the party, no medics who could filch me some hospital wares…