YouTube user Henry Reich is behind an ongoing series of videos exploring concepts of physics in sixty second bursts. You might think that’s too short a time to explain wave particle duality, and some of the videos did leave me hankering for extra information, but hey, that’s more than I can say for any physics class I took at school!

(Thanks to Noah Raford for the title)


  1. #1 Tom E. Diffenbach
    August 3, 2011

    I posted your link and removed it. Here’s how/why, as I wrote to a person who spotted your error. Keith – You’re right. Reviewing it closely, I think it’s an unacceptable flaw for an instructive video. His tag acknowledging the error is on too quickly; he can say they are both a nuclear “reaction” but the spoken sentence is still wrong. I’m deleting this link. He might have many good videos; he needs to stop to make this one a good re-done video. Thanks

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