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Colourful psychoactive drug Venn

I stumbled across this delightful psychoactive drug Venn diagram. Isn’t it pretty? [click to enlarge]

Dezeen Magazine has the drop on this superb clock that shows the time in every time zone, using just one hand. The clock is called Bent Hands and is designed by Giha Woo and Shingoeun. Via Neatorama

In 1926 German illustrator Fritz Kahn drew Der Mensch als Industriepalast, part of a series of artworks reinterpreting the body as a mechanical factory. Now fellow countryman and artist Henning Lederer has updated the the famous image, turning it into an interactive animation. He says: The visual crossover between industrialization and science in Fritz Kahn’s…

NPR reports on the discovery of a bee that builds tiny, multi-coloured nests out of flower petals. The rare solitary bee Osmia avoseta creates the cocoons out of a mixture of mud, flower petals and nectar. Each case holds a single egg. The discovery by a group of scientists in Turkey co-incided with that of…

Jim Tierney designed a beautiful set of covers for some of Jules Verne’s most famous works. The project was carried out as part of his senior year thesis. He says: I’m a big Verne fan, but a chance to re-design any classic book is always exciting. Classics usually allow for a more personal interpretation, since…

A set of special commemorative stamps is being launched today to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society. The stamps feature ten of the most prominent historical fellows, as chosen by leading figures in the society today. How many can you name? Answers below the fold!

9, a new animated feature produced by Tim Burton and directed by Shane Acker, comes out in September (09/09/09, naturally). Details are sketchy, but it’s safe to say in the world of 9, something has gone horribly wrong, the world has been destroyed, and the only survivors are some cute little sack people and an…

How to spot a fake diamond

I quite like this guide to fakery by kickass lo-fi science site Hunkins Experiments.

Zombie Identification Cards #2

As the last Zombie Identification Card was so popular, here’s another. As you can see, my art is improving. All criticisms / suggestions welcome. The next will probably be Ampulex, simply because it’s a strong visual, but I’d also like to makes some cards referencing other forms of zombification – i.e. Robert G. Heath’s attempts…

Zombie Identification Cards

Here’s a little something I made for a project I’m working on. A blend of science and surreal humour. Tell me what you think. Yay or nay? Cordyceps unilateralis is a parasitic fungus of ants. It really does exhibit mind-control capabilities.