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YouTube artist and multi-instrumentalist Michael John Blake has been exploring the musical patterns within mathematics, by assigning each note on the major scale a numeral. In this wonderful composition he plays Tau, a number used in a similar way to Pi, for calculating values of circles and whatnot.

Thanks to Elliot Reuben who points out that when it comes to singing about science, us Brits aren’t being left behind. Behold Amoeba to Zebra, the educational music entertainment brainchild of Leeds-based pop rockers Being 747. They say: “As a band, we all share a fascination with the wonders of the natural world and the…

Michael Hearst of One Ring Zero writes: I just did a Google search for “science blogs,” and landed on your site. And the first thing I see is a picture of The Magnetic Fields, who are good friends of mine, and who I’ve toured with. Very strange. The reason I was searching for science blogs…

Musical parody duo Hard’n’Phirm are best known for their bluegrass medley of Radiohead songs, but also conjured up this nugget of surreal joy, a song about everyone’s favourite irrational number, Pi.