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Send In The (Abstinence) Clowns

For the last few weeks, community action site Amplify Your Voice have been chronicling the extraordinary vestiges of the Bush administration’s disastrous policies on sexual health and education: Derek Dye, the Abstinence Clown.

Why is science important?

Some time back film-maker Alom Shaha asked me to contribute to a project he was working on entitled Why is Science Important?. I’m pleased to see that the finished film is now complete, featuring such luminaries as Adam-Hart Davis, Professor Robin Weiss, Prof. Marcus du Sautoy, A.C. Grayling and Susan Blackmore, and skipping from Antarctic…

Thanks to BoingBoing for this great video of Mr George the SuperMagnetMan, vendor of all manner of high quality, super-powerful magnets. As he demonstrates in this video, these magnets aren’t toys! Or rather they are toys, albeit ones powerful enough to crush your puny, fleshy fingers. The money shot is around the 3-minute mark…