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To celebrate Zombie Day at ScienceBlogs, I’m pleased to reveal a short excerpt from my forthcoming book Zombology: the new science of reanimation and mind control. I hope you enjoy it! “Go, my dear Ernst,” she said very gently; “go, and forget me. You might as well love a buried corpse as love a woman…

Zombie Identification Cards #2

As the last Zombie Identification Card was so popular, here’s another. As you can see, my art is improving. All criticisms / suggestions welcome. The next will probably be Ampulex, simply because it’s a strong visual, but I’d also like to makes some cards referencing other forms of zombification – i.e. Robert G. Heath’s attempts…

Zombie Identification Cards

Here’s a little something I made for a project I’m working on. A blend of science and surreal humour. Tell me what you think. Yay or nay? Cordyceps unilateralis is a parasitic fungus of ants. It really does exhibit mind-control capabilities.