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Hat-tip to a reader for bringing this to my attention. Should a breast-feeing woman be allowed extra long breaks during her nine-hour medical licensing exam? That’s been the question in the case of an MD/PhD student and her four month old baby. The medical student, Sophie Currier, requested extra break time so that she could…

Question: How do I prioritize summer salary?

I’m working on another grant proposal, this one about an order of magnitude larger than the last. But still I am running into the same problem: the cost of doing the science I want to do pushes right up against the limit of the funding. In the case of this particular grant, I have three…

Young Faculty ISO Mentoring

Back when I started my Ph.D., I thought I really needed a good mentor that would help me get solidly grounded in my field, get started on a good research project, and get funded. As I got farther along, I didn’t want a mentor – I just wanted to do my work and be left…

If you don’t publish, you are invisible.

I’ve frantically been writing a grant proposal for a small internal grant competition, due later this week. Basically, I am proposing to update some work I was involved with ~10 years ago. This work was presented at a few meetings, but never published.* When we were doing the work 10 years ago, it was really…

Mommy Monday: Making time for my husband

Notes for new readers: Mommy Monday is a regular feature on this blog, and Fish is my husband. This week I am responding to a request from amy, sara, and jenn to explain how I “find time for Fish on top of being a scientist and a mommy” The short answer is “I don’t do…

Really, this is titillating?

The other brouhaha this week has been over Facebook banning breastfeeding pictures because they are “obscene” and then banning a Canadian mother who had posted such pictures. Tara did a great job summarizing the stink. Here’s what I think about this:

Who is your favorite woman scientist?

There’s been a lot of fuss ’round here this week about the fact that The Scientist magazine picked five male science bloggers to identify their favorite science blogs, and what that says about the ways that women are excluded from the conversation even when they’re not badly under-represented (which they are).

New Mommy on the Block

I’m the new mommy blogger here at ScienceBlogs. I don’t write about the latest ground-breaking research in my field. I don’t even publicly reveal what my field is. What I do write about are my experiences as an early career scientist who also happens to be a woman.