The best incentive I can offer

I’d imagine you are probably all sick of hearing about the DonorsChoose challenge by now, but I’ll admit that I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of response I’ve gotten from you guys. Sure we’ve raised almost $500, but all of that money has come from just 7 people, including me.

Feedburner says that this blog has 116 RSS subscribers. If each of those subscribers donated just $5 (less than two Starbucks drinks), we’d easily reach the goal and help dozens of students.

Apparently handprints from Minnow and the chance to win prizes from Seed aren’t enough to entice you to donate, but maybe this will. For every person who donates to the challenge by October 31st, I will post a picture of Minnow on this blog. And there’s more below the fold…

  • No matter how small the amount you donate, your generosity will put a picture of Minnow up on the blog.
  • Any donation will also make you eligible for Seed’s giveaways.
  • For each $10 that you donate (and email me the receipt), you get a picture AND you can choose the subject of the picture. You can request to see a bathtime picture, a stair-climbing picture, an eating picture, Minnow doing science, whatever you can think of….
  • $25 will still get you a personalized hand-print, plus 2 pictures of your choice.
  • If we reach the goal of $1000 by the end of the day October 31st, I’ll post a picture of Minnow and I, including faces.

Want to see more of a cute kid? Want to see who I am? Then start donating!

The fine print:

  • Photos will be posted daily at 7 am until every donation has been recognized.
  • Photos will remain on the web for approximately 7 days and then the post will self-destruct (This was fish’s request.)
  • If the goal is reached, the Sciencewoman/Minnow photo will appear at the end of the end of the series of Minnow photos and will remain for at least 48 hours before self-destructing.
  • Email your receipts to me (science dot woman (@) gmail) to claim your photo subject and hand prints. And email your receipts to ScienceBlogs ( to get in the prize drawings.


  1. #1 Ewan
    October 19, 2007

    The problem I think that many of the blogs may be facing is overlap: I know that I gave the biggest donation via Uncertain Principles just because that’s where I saw it first (and then more to get the sprog-illustrated poem that has to be up there for the coolest freebie!).

    But, OK, I’ll bite; no need for random handprints of minnows (although I confess to the normal curiosity as to our host’s identity, the more so as a first-year asst prof myself) but I’ll step up for your RSS-reading pool :).

  2. #2 phd me
    October 19, 2007

    You are exceptionally good with the guilt! 🙂 Thanks for the kick in the pants: donation made.

  3. #3 Expat Sarah
    October 19, 2007

    Nice job on the guilt — here’s another one stepping in for the RSS pool. Donation made. No handprints necessary!

  4. #4 j
    October 19, 2007

    I’m going to repost this question here, since I realized I commented a couple of days back – I funded one of the projects, but haven’t been able to get an email receipt yet, despite a couple of emails to DonorsChoose. Has anyone else had this issue?

    I’m so glad this venue for giving was pointed out – it feels really good to donate to something very tangible and science oriented!

  5. #5 Dancingfish
    October 19, 2007

    I just needed a kick in the pants as well. Great projects! Donation made!

  6. #6 Writer Chica
    October 19, 2007

    My problem is I never have my credit card near me when I see this. Lame excuse, I know. I’ll get a donation in before the end of the month.

  7. #7 Amelie
    October 22, 2007

    ooh, I really wanted to donate and get some cute handprints, but it seems that donating is only possible for US citizens… (though I am not sure how they want to find out I am not..)

  8. #8 Flicka Mawa
    October 24, 2007

    I’d donate just a dollar to get a new pic of Minnow, and I would actually love a handprint, but unfortunately hubby and I are so broke right now (I just eked out enough money to buy our meds until I get paid for babysitting on Saturday and this means definetely no balanced meals with meat or veggies until Sunday when ma-in-law brings food), I do think he’d be upset if I even gave the project a dollar. But I’m a giving person…even at my current state when people pass me on the subway hungry I have a hard time not giving them the food I have on me….anyhow…if you extend your goal deadline I’ll surely donate a small amount in November!

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