Scientiae call for submissions

Kate has announced a great topic for the next Scientiae. She’d like us to “transcend the debate.” She says:

I’m tired of arguing whether women are really screwed or not in science, I’m tired of discussion biological or cultural differences between male and female aptitude; there’s something problematic about these dichotomies that makes the arguments stale. Instead:

* What are the ways you transcend these debates?
* How do you think about the big picture?
* How do you do the work that you do, how do you move on?
* What does your life look like in this context?
* Where do you want your life to be in ten years? Where was it ten years ago? (a la sciencewoman’s recommendation)

Like always, email scientiaearnival at gmail dot com AND use the scientiae carnival technorati tags to make your submission. And I’m going to be honest: I’m going to be at a conference the weekend scientiae is supposed to go up, so expect it on Monday December 3rd rather than Saturday the 1st.