Carnival barking

  • The call for the next Scientiae carnival is out. The next edition will be ably hosted New Years day at by Jokerine. She’ll need your posts by December 31st and is open to lots of ideas: “the last year in review…new years resoltuions….(woman in science) party trivia…how everything will be different next year (for women in science)…” So don’t forget to submit.
  • Propter Doc has posted a new edition of the post-doc carnival. It’s “Postdoc: The Musical.” Check it out.
  • December 20th is the last day to submit a post for consideration in the 2008 Open Lab science blogging anthology. Details here.
  • The latest edition of the Accretionary Wedge, a geology blog carnival, is up at Good Schist. The geologists get all the good blog names.
  • Not a carnival, but a hilarious post nonetheless. Read Santa Claus Boycotts Coal over at Lounge of the Lab Lemming.

Any other carnivals I missed that I should be aware of?