First happy post of the year

for three reasons.

  1. The January Scientiae party is up at Jokerine’s. Check out all the awesome writing and witty conversation.
  2. Open Lab, the best science blogging of 2007 has been announced. I’m looking forward to buying my copy.
  3. There’s a new blog around these parts, and it’s got a really amusing name.


  1. #1 Field Notes
    January 6, 2008

    Hi SciWo – Thanks for the links! I had fun reading the carnival when I finally got power/internet back at my house after a hurricane strength wind came through and wreaked havoc. Click on over to my blog to see the pics of destruction. I am amazed my house is still standing given the state of the neighborhood when I made it home after lunch 🙂 Hopefully we will have many more happy posts this year and a lot less exciting weather.

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