Mommy Monday delayed

Mommy Monday is indefinitely delayed pending me actually getting last Thursday’s lecture written for tomorrow. Given today’s holiday and the corresponding lack of daycare, I suspect that Mommy Monday will return next week in it’s regularly scheduled slot.

Next week I’ll tell you about Minnow’s birthday (it’s Saturday the 26th), but after that I’m open to suggestions of topics.


  1. #1 Mrs Whatsit
    January 23, 2008

    Do you have a scrapbook for minnow? What’s the furthest from home that Minnow has traveled? Do you take Minnow to museums? If so, what seems to be her favorite? What’s Minnow’s favorite book? How old was she when she learned to roll over and sit up all of those other developmental milestones? How did you find a doctor for Minnow (does she go to a pediatrician or a family practitioner)? What is your greatest hope for Minnow? If Minnow was considering a career in science, what would you tell her? Has the way you think about science changed since having a child? Based on your personal experiences, what do you think would be the most ideal job situation for a woman in science who is a mom?

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