Weather watching

And quick on the heels of my posts on living in two places comes one of those weekends when it is particularly challenging. As you know, I drove home yesterday evening, and in addition to hearing about the NIU shooting (which, at the time, people weren’t reporting anything other than the number of people who had been taken to hospital), and some hintings of weather problems on Sunday that the weather people were watching.

Now today, the weather people are saying that freezing rain may start here in Central Illinois Saturday night, turn to rain and sleet Sunday morning, and then snow Sunday afternoon. I have a pretty important set of meetings Monday morning, and it is looking like driving on Sunday may be a bad thing, so perhaps this weekend will be one of those where I will have to leave on Saturday. This is made all the more crummy as my husband is spending this evening at an event he can’t get out of, and (of course) has been at work all day. So we won’t get to have much time together this time around.

My dad, when problems seem to be piling up, tends to say “things could be worse at sea.” My mom, in similar situations, points out how worse everything seems to be at night. I guess driving in bad weather is indeed worse at sea, and worse at night. 😉 But usually it’s helpful advice.

Maybe the forecast will be better tomorrow morning…


  1. #1 Burrow
    February 16, 2008

    My parents just called and told me about the NIU stuff today. My little brother graduated from there last May, and I sat next to the kid who did it in band 5 days a week (he played tenor and I played alto saxophone). It’s a little to close for comfort for me. I’m having trouble processing it.

  2. #2 Alice
    February 18, 2008

    Updated: the weather forecast improved considerably Saturday morning – while the threat of freezing rain Saturday night was still there, Sunday was just supposed to be rain. Then there was only a little freezing rain Saturday, and just storms on Sunday when I left. I know you were dying to know. 😉

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