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Putting the cool back in stargazing. Although, strictly, it was moongazing.


I just found out the the Bush administration’s budget proposal for next year zeros out one of the programs that is a significant source of support for my past and proposed research. Hopefully Congress will put it back in, but in the meantime, does anyone have $50K per year they could prop me up with?

Okay, so I’ve been coblogging with ScienceWoman for a little over a week so far. Which means I’ve been blogging as me, with no pseudonym to hide behind for the same time. What do I think about it so far?

A morning of email

I realized this morning that I had no meetings scheduled for today. HOORAY!!! In addition, my department (recently renamed a School) is all in an uproar because our academic advisory council is arriving tomorrow, and our open house to the university is Friday. So I decided that I could take the day at home to…

Minnow is really fun these days. She loves to “help” me unload the dishwasher, fold the laundry, carry things, and close doors. She is also starting to really enjoy reading books. She’s not just cuddling with me while I read, and she’s not just trying to eat them anymore. She’s starting to point at pictures…

Impostor Syndrome article

There’s an article this week on Science Careers talking about impostor syndrome. The writer does a good job exposing the problem: “Impostor syndrome” is the name given to the feelings that Abigail and many other young scientists describe: Their accomplishments are just luck or deceit, and they’re in over their heads. The key to getting…

Some resources on implicit bias

Some of the comments to this post brought up the topic of implicit gender bias, and I thought the time might be ripe for a couple of pointers on the subject. Although I’m changing the context a little (from ethics training to search committees), the comments on reducing bias remain the same.

Weather watching

And quick on the heels of my posts on living in two places comes one of those weekends when it is particularly challenging. As you know, I drove home yesterday evening, and in addition to hearing about the NIU shooting (which, at the time, people weren’t reporting anything other than the number of people who…

Silly me, I clearly misread you… didn’t I?

I’m going through the training that Purdue requires before I submit any research protocols to the Institutional Review Board. It’s good to care about your faculty doing ethical research, but I confess it is taking FOREVER. So I’m reading the part on the problems with peer review, and I come across this chestnut:


I just got back home after driving from West Lafayette. I heard on the radio about YET ANOTHER HORRENDOUS SHOOTING on a university campus.