We went to the zoo!

The weekend weather finally cooperated and allowed us to introduce Minnow to the animals she had previously only seen in books. In the past few weeks, her vocabulary has improved immensely, especially in the department of animal sounds.

Her favorite animal to vocalize is the lion’s roar, so we headed to the lion habitat first thing.

cuddly lions

The lions were just settling in for a mid-day siesta and we got to watch the “mommy lion” cuddle up with the “daddy lion.” Minnow was entranced.

Soon we ran into a carousel of carved animals. I was a bit unsure whether she would be into it, but she was immediately delighted. We rode it twice, and it’s interesting because the first time she looked all around and took in the whole experience (grinning broadly the entire time), but the second time she spent most of the ride studying the mechanics of the carousel, as if trying to figure out how it worked. Future engineer?
The only reason she doesn’t look happy here is that the ride has just come to an end.

The highlight of the day was, surprisingly, the rooster. Minnow spent 15 minutes watching it strut and cluck. I think she liked it because it was colorful and she could get up really close to it.


  1. #1 Schlupp
    April 21, 2008

    When they took me to the zoo for the first time, I was allegedly most impressed by the snails on the paths.

  2. #2 jefrir
    April 21, 2008

    Even a year or so ago, I was most impressed by a mouse I saw at a zoo… because it wasn’t there as an exhibit, I just happened to spot it, so it gained surprise value. Plus it was really cute.

  3. #3 ecogeofemme
    April 21, 2008

    We took my boyfriend’s parents to a zoo when they were visiting us from overseas. They were way more interested in the squirrels than any of the zoo animals. It was both hilarious and annoying.

  4. #4 ScienceMama
    April 22, 2008

    Oh my gosh! Minnow looks adorable. All that hair!

    Bean liked the jaguar and the bunnies at the zoo the best.

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