I’m moving into the last week of the semester, and I have been having blog posts swirl around in my head for weeks now, haven’t found the perseverance to sit down and write about them yet. But after this weekend, a few things have settled down.

In particular, my husband has officially decided to go on leave next year (a few blog posts in itself), and his last week of classes was last week so there was considerable doubt and worry also swirling around. We’re still trying to line up a job for him in the fall, if that’s what he wants – although he also seems terribly burnt out and could also benefit from some time at home (in particular gardening, home repairs). I’m now dealing with the prospect of being the main salary-earner which would make a great Scientiae post for Flicka Mawa, but haven’t got energy to write about it by tonight. (Sorry, Flicka.) Maybe next week, when all my daily meetings go away.

I’ve also got some serious travel I’ve been trying to plan for this summer, including a trip to England/France/Switzerland (family and friends/family and my husband has never been/conference), a trip to Philly to see my sister, 2 back-to-back conferences in June, and a trip to D.C. (NSF). And trying to work out the best way to do all this and somehow cut down on carbon dioxide emissions, hah.

Back to the grindstone. But just wanted to let you know I’m still alive. Maybe I’ll post some flower photos until I can write a proper post. Hope your lives are more settled…


  1. #1 michelle
    April 29, 2008

    Hello Alice,
    I went to gradschool with Sciencewoman, and I happen to work at NSF in DC! Drop me a line before you come…maybe we can have lunch or something


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