Mommy Monday link love

I’m still processing Thursday’s events, and I’m busy writing finals, grading papers, and hosting a prospective student…but that doesn’t mean that other people aren’t writing about things totally perfect for Mommy Monday.

Here are some of my recent* favorites:

Jenny F. Scientist discovers that biological clocks have a way of dinging when they want to.

Am I a Woman Scientist flew transatlantic for a job interview with a newborn…and got the job. (Hmm…sounds familiar.) Huge congratulations to Am I a Woman Scientist!

Janus Professor reminds us that while some of us may be able to stop the tenure clock while on maternity leave, there is no clock-stoppage option for young investigator programs.

deals with the disconnect between work schedules and daycare schedules. That much touted flexibility of academia diminishes quite a bit when you have to work around daycare schedules.

Bitch PhD points us to a post that pretty much sums up why mommy blogging is a good thing. I hope Minnow will eventually forgive me for it.

Sybil Vane, the newest coblogger at Bitch PhD, despairs that 2.5 year old daughter is differentiating between kids and girls. I’m already trembling.

*For the sake of argument, let’s define recent as 2008.