i-5967dc2922afde9f1adc0df6992156ff-isef_logo_newsm.gifMore selections from projects I’m seeing at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

“Evergreen Fire Alarm Suppression System” by Matthew Stegall of Charlotte, North Carolina. Stegall designed a system to detect, alarm, and extinguish Christmas tree fires, over 400 of which occur each year in the United States.
2008-05- 070

“Reducing Lawnmower emissions using E-85 Phase 3: A catalyst for change” by Kate Weegman of Winona, Minnesota. Weegman used E-85 and an ignition advancement system to reduce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides from 6.5 hp engines.
2008-05- 069

“Dog gone poop” by Amber Harris of El Paso, Texas. Harris tested five different enzymes to see which would fastest and best degrade dog feces. She did her tests with samples from her three dogs, and found that papain resulted in the largest mass loss. (As a dog owner, I would totally love something that gets rid of dog poop. Especially now that I’ve got a toddler roaming the yard.)
2008-05- 067

“Why drop the fun when the drip is on? by Tobias Noerbo of Ishoj, Denmark. Noerbo designed a cool tricycle that allows pediatric cancer patients to play and exercise while they are connected to an IV.
2008-05- 042
I should mention that one impressive statistic about ISEF students is that 20% of the projects are patented or have been submitted to be patented. I don’t know whether that applies to this Danish project, but my guess is that it could.


  1. #1 saoirse
    May 14, 2008

    I LOVE the tricycle. All of the projects you’ve been showing are really amazing.

  2. #2 Tobias M. Nørbo
    June 2, 2009

    Thank you so much for showing my project of the DripBike. At the moment I am working on getting fundings to manufacture the DripBike and in the near future it will be a normal part of the children’s wards (hopefully 😉 ).
    By the way: the fastening mechanism is patented but in Denmark only. This is a reason for lack of money unfortunately.

    All the best


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