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The National Women’s Studies Association national conference and the American Society for Engineering Education national conference are back to back – I’m at NWSA now, and ASEE is next week.* While I want to blog about suggestions for how to work conferences, my morning of wandering ’round the conference center for NWSA has raised some…

Okay, so now I’m in Cincinnati (flew in from St. Paul this morning) for the National Women’s Studies Association national conference (in a unionized hotel, please note). I missed the last day of Inclusive Science, but really enjoyed myself, and felt I had something to contribute. Things feel a bit different at this conference.

I’m at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN at a completely fascinating (so far!) conference on feminist science studies. Because of the free Internetz, I’ll try liveblogging the sessions I’m in, but may get distracted as it is (as I have mentioned) completely fascinating. Here’s some of what I’m hearing:

Who gets the push to become an engineer?

All the recent talk about engineers ’round these parts has got me feeling a bit left out. You see, back when I was a girl, my parents encouraged my interest in the natural world. And they encouraged my brother’s interest in all things electrical and mechanical. Today, I’m a scientist and he’s an engineer. I’m…

Ask a ScienceBlogger: Why do I blog?

I’ve been giving some thought about the value I as an assistant professor find in blogging in part because it’s the current Ask a Blogger question, in part because I just gave this presentation on blogging at the Inclusive Science conference, and in part because I have some blogger meetups scheduled and chatting about why…

This is another excerpt from our travel journal to Isle Royale. The first day is here; second day here. Photos by me, text by my husband.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Noted the other day when Minnow was puzzling. It’s a good thing she can’t read yet.

There’s a reason I called it Utopia

The view from a friend’s house. If you look closely (or embiggen) there’s a snow-capped peak in the background. Early this morning, Minnow and I returned to Mystery City from a week-long trip to Utopia, land of my former inhabitance.The trip was a fully-integrated mixture of business and pleasure.

Hurrah, women STEMers! Now what?

You may have read this announcement already – it’s making the rounds on the “women in STEM” listservs (I got this version off of WEPAN, but I also saw it on the NSF-PGE listserv). It reads: House Celebrates Women Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, and Mathematicians On June 4, the House approved, by voice vote, a resolution…

June 16 Newsweek musings

Newsweek isn’t really my mag – I’m more of a Ms, Mother Jones, Yes! magazine reader, or would be if I didn’t have so much other stuff to read too – but I got a subscription as a gift, and it serves in lieu of conversation as my breakfast companion. Two articles of note this…