Science bloggers at the Zoo

About 20 Science bloggers and readers met at the North Carolina Zoo yesterday for a day of animals and fun. Minnow was the youngest, but not the only, child in attendance. And I think she was quite happy to meet some other children-of-bloggers, particularly the 22-month-old son of James Hrynyshyn. They can have their own meet-up in a few years and commiserate.

Pictures and details below the below the fold.

The group with their backs to the gorillas, who had their backs to us.
At the NC Zoo 029

The animal highlight of the day came at the elephant enclosure. We happened to arrive at feeding time and got to see a young elephant enter the water and eat and drink with her trunk. Minnow was transfixed – and so were all of the others in attendance.
At the NC Zoo 035

The zoo did a great job adding educational tidbits in signage along walks and at the exhibits. Here was one of my favorites:
At the NC Zoo 039

They also had cool sculptures of many of the animals. They made more popular picture spots than the live animals themselves. This one however, said “no climbing.”
At the NC Zoo 038

After the zoo, we went to Chilis for dinner and more conversation. Minnow was happy to contribute to the festivities.
September 053

There’s a few more photos in the flickr photoset. Bora’s got more pictures too.


  1. #1 ...tom...
    September 21, 2008

    Minnow is sooo cute..!!

    But you probably already suspected that, huh..??

    Looks like it was very big fun.


  2. #2 Jane
    September 21, 2008

    Oh my god, Minnow is so grown up! Wow! so cute!

  3. #3 ecogeofemme
    September 21, 2008

    She’s gotten so blond! And so grown-up!

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