i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgI spent my “extra” hour from Daylight Savings doing some wrapping up our DonorsChoose campaign. Well, folks, you’ve done a tremendous job. Forty-two Sciencewomen readers contributed a total of $1863 to help 917 needy kids learn about science and engineering. We came in SECOND of all the Scienceblogger challenges in terms of number of donors, which I am just completely ecstatic about, and fifth in terms of the number of kids we’ve helped. You all completely rock. Thank you so very much.

Below the fold is the first part of our Donors Choose wrap-up: where should the Sb money go, and how are SW and I donating?

So since October 27 when Sb announced their contribution donation, I’ve kept track of where donations came in. Here are the results:

#1: A tie between Science Exploration and Infusing Engineering design into the classroom (each with 5 votes)
#2: Future engineers and designers (4 votes)
#3: Energy, will we run out? (3 votes)
#4: Tie between Safety First and Green Living (1 vote each)

Even better, the Infusing Engineering project has already been completely funded, as has Future Engineers and Safety First! So the Sb credits went to fully fund Science Exploration, Energy, Will we run out?, and partially fund Green Living. ‘Cause those were the only ones left! Woo hoo!

So I applied my 10% commitment – $189 as 10% of reader donations – to fully funding the remainder of Green Living ($118) and then $71 to Preventing a Silent Spring in Southeast Missouri (in part because of the environmental theme, and in part because there’s only a month left for this challenge to get funded).

Once SW matches, I’ll post the final-FINAL results, and the winners of the YellowIbis t-shirts (and any other results I find out from Sb).

Have a great rest of your weekend!