Luckily, there is a new Scientiae!

i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgScienceWoman and I are either approaching or inhabiting grading jail, I think. I’m working on grading 30 teams’ first-year design projects where teams of 4 had to design a procedure to calculate the energy footprint of a building/system on campus (related to this post). On Friday, we summed up all the systems (overlooking that there were replicates and different ways to estimate embodied energy) and our estimate of our campus system’s energy footprint is 9.44e9 kW-hr per year. (We estimate that to be about 7500 trans-Atlantic flights.) So now I’m slogging through the individual reports.

However, in the meantime, you should go read Scientiae. This month, Katharine Haxton of Endless Possibilities v2.0 asked people for time-capsule snapshots of their lives right now. I’m not sure I want to remember this month, but I thought it was a way cool idea. So many responses resulted in two posts (part 1 and part 2). You should go read them. 🙂