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Planning for a healthier Year 2

ScienceWoman blogged about her thoughts about going into Tenure Track Year 2 in time for Cherish’s August Scientiae on transitions. I’ve been thinking about it too, and in particular with respect to how I accomplish some of those academic goals – good teaching, good research, good citizenry – without killing myself. Having my husband in…

A ton of feathers (3 of n)

Picking up where we left off a week ago…Caplan outlines 11 myths about women that she argues are pertinent to the case of women in academia. I’m going to skip over the first batch of myths, and focus on the ones specifically about women and working.

A ton of feathers (2 of 3)

3. Unwritten Rules and Impossible Proofs “Anyone who spends much time in academic settings learns that they are riddled with unwritten rules, and this can make for a great deal of bewilderment and frustration for all kinds of academics. For any oppressed group, this situation is particularly dangerous, since rules can be made and broken…