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Some longtime readers may know I’m enormously frustrated at the corporatization of engineering, and think that if engineers say they solve problems then there are some enormous problems of housing, lack of clean water, and energy use in impoverished communities across the globe that need solving and we engineers as a profession should get cracking…

Changing the conversation

We’ve been having a couple of interesting conversations on this blog about what makes an engineer, or who becomes an engineer. The National Academy of Engineering has been facilitating a conversation about this too, and have just published a report about it.

Who gets the push to become an engineer?

All the recent talk about engineers ’round these parts has got me feeling a bit left out. You see, back when I was a girl, my parents encouraged my interest in the natural world. And they encouraged my brother’s interest in all things electrical and mechanical. Today, I’m a scientist and he’s an engineer. I’m…

June 16 Newsweek musings

Newsweek isn’t really my mag – I’m more of a Ms, Mother Jones, Yes! magazine reader, or would be if I didn’t have so much other stuff to read too – but I got a subscription as a gift, and it serves in lieu of conversation as my breakfast companion. Two articles of note this…

Engineer, thy name is enlightenment hero

Okay, I’ve been having some interesting conversations on and offline about what boils down to engineering epistemology and identity. Of course, that’s my research area, so I dig it. And I want to start having a bigger conversation about if there’s anything particularly indelible or inherent about “engineers” or “engineering.” But first I want to…

It has been proposed by the fabulous Pat of FairerScience and other places that the developing genre of “women in science” blogs might be used as a way to recruit girls and young women into science and engineering careers(see a good outline and guidelines here). Women who write about their passion for doing science, their…

I’m sitting in panels and sessions at this great conference on Engineering, Social Justice and Peace which is the 7th annual conference of this kind. Here are only some of the snippets of what I’ve been seeing and hearing:

That research post: the PhD part

Ages ago people asked me what my research was actually about. Well, here’s a synopsis of my PhD work as a starter.

I am terribly neglectful of my role as engineer on this blog – I COMPLETELY FORGOT about E-Week, that’s National Engineers Week to the rest of you. Peggy at Women in Science and SciBling Zuska have written good posts about it, so go read those for your fill of E-Week Goodness.

An anxious yet enthusiastic wave

Hello? – ello – ello – lo… Wow, this is a big sandbox. Can I come play?