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Dynamic equilibrium, a geological haiku

Mountain streams erode but isostatic uplift keeps relief the same A humble contribution to the geological haiku meme, originated by survat, with a listing of contributions by Chris R.

Where on (Google) Earth #106

Thinkstart (Joshua Potter) was the winner of the last Where on Google Earth challenge, finding my fossil forest in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, comes this installment of the game. Joshua says: As this was only my second try at WoGE, I’m not very versed with technique or trends/standards of the past 105, so I hope…

Where on (Google) Earth? #105

Where on (Google) Earth is a roving internet game played for the past year+ by the geoblogsphere. In this game, a snapshot of somewhere on the planet is taken using Google Earth (a free downloadable program). The object is to identify the location with latitude and longitude and try to say something* about the geology…