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Mommy Monday: Weekends

I’m writing this on Sunday night, at the end of a really fun weekend. Saturday we spent the morning browsing our neighborhood tag sales, and in the afternoon we explored the natural foods store and bought Minnow a bigger car seat at Target. For the evening, we hired a babysitter, so that Fish and I…

The hardest week so far

This week has been the hardest week so far in my first 8 weeks of professorship. I had a grant proposal due today, and two lectures to write on topics I’ve never formally studied. Monday was chewed up by a doctor’s appointment, meetings, and errands, and there were the normal distractions of grad students, office…

Mommy Monday: Making time for my husband

Notes for new readers: Mommy Monday is a regular feature on this blog, and Fish is my husband. This week I am responding to a request from amy, sara, and jenn to explain how I “find time for Fish on top of being a scientist and a mommy” The short answer is “I don’t do…

New Mommy on the Block

I’m the new mommy blogger here at ScienceBlogs. I don’t write about the latest ground-breaking research in my field. I don’t even publicly reveal what my field is. What I do write about are my experiences as an early career scientist who also happens to be a woman.