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As I’m transitioning away from an academic/personal life of long-distance commuting, I thought this would be a good time (or perhaps the last good time?) to share some of my tips for how to help one’s marriage/partnership survive two academic careers in two cities. Of course, I only have this last year as experience with…

Last night

Photo from 2005, before many paint, gutter, and plant upgrades I’m sitting at our dining room table in Illinois, and the sunlight is slanting through the windows onto the wall where a favorite print used to live. The moving truck comes tomorrow to move the rest of our furniture to Indiana, and we close on…

Hahahah, I foolishly thought that, when summer officially started, my life would settle down. Hohoho, so why don’t I try to complicate things by, oh, I don’t know, how about moving, and putting our house on the market? So here are some updates that give a somewhat authentic snapshot of what I’m doing right now,…

Weather watching

And quick on the heels of my posts on living in two places comes one of those weekends when it is particularly challenging. As you know, I drove home yesterday evening, and in addition to hearing about the NIU shooting (which, at the time, people weren’t reporting anything other than the number of people who…

Rockstars to academics

Guess who we’ve been invited to have dinner with on Tuesday night? Think super famous American scientist who the administration tried to muzzle… The answer below the fold… tee hee!

A tale of two people in two cities, part II

We’ve met, we’ve gotten educated, we’ve gotten married, and almost all in two different cities. Now I’ve quit my job so I can finish my dissertation, and we live together, what a concept.

A tale of two people in two cities, part I

My husband and I will have been “together” for 10 years this July. Of those 10 years, we have lived about 3.5 in the same city. It’s a hard gig.