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I’ve noticed my posts seem to kill the comments and conversation. Sorry about that. I realize this is really part of the gig of the bigger megaphone, and maybe blogging about stuff people don’t want to comment on. Or that they find boring. Or that are too long. Or that are posted on days when…

A tale of two weeks: week 2

I’ve survived my spring break; now I have my first week back, while my husband tries to survive his.

A tale of two weeks: week 1

*Whew.* I have been slammed down by work and life, absolutely no room for blogging. Today I get a breather, and so you get an update.

Sometimes I can’t do it all.

I’m this close to crying in my office. I just got out of a candid chat with a visiting speaker and another young female faculty member about work-life and workload issues. And bringing up so many stressful things at once was just too much. I’m starting to have nightmares about next semester. I have two…